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What I learnt today…

Saibaba… My Mentor, Guide and Guru has taught the world the two Principles that he lived with …
Shraddha(Faith) and Saburi(Patience).
I was talking to my friend who recently has gone through both her knee replacement surgery. It was very painful and she was given a recovery time of 3 months. Post surgery, there was immense pain, discomfort and restlessness. She struggled and passed her time.

On her visit to the Doctor, she was really annoyed as the recovery and pain had not settled in the timeline given. When the Doctor was checking her, she actually expressed her anger and upset about what was told to her. She literally screamed at him. The Doctor on the other hand patiently heard her and explained to her the process and the result. Once she came out, she realised that her pain was actually better and she was feeling lighter.

When I heard this experience, I realised that whenever we have an illness, disease or surgery, we go through the body trauma. But with that we also without realising carry the emotional baggage and heaviness of anger, fear, insecurity etc which makes the recovery process difficult and long.
If we understand this and keep the Faith and Patience in our mind, surely we will see faster and quicker healing in our body.

Practicing Mindfulness here means actually living every moment and experience of our life (good, bad) as it comes and not attaching self to our past or future.
Healthy + Positive Mind = Healthy Body ✨

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By Mukta Rastogi

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