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About Pranalink

Welcome to Pranalink.com. Our intention for this site to a one stop shop for energy workers or for anyone who is interested in learning more about their body and the effect of external energies upon it. You will see that we have organized the site into four sections: Educate, Exchange, Engage, and Experience.

The Educate Section consists of reference materials to support an individual’s research of various energy topics and will also be a platform regarding energy related events and training. The Exchange Section is where users can register as a seller, a buyer or become an affiliate to take your business to a whole new audience. The Engage Section is for users to interact with each other via the comment section and to contribute blogs of interest to the Pranalink global network. And finally, we are manifesting that the Experience Section will become a database of energy workers that our users can access to find energy practitioners near them in order to personally experience the wonders of energy work that they learn about on this site.

Our intent is to build a network of like-minded people across the globe who will actively collaborate with us on this website to make this site the most dynamic site possible. So if you want to collaborate with us, please give us your ideas for content and topics for the Educate Section, become a vendor or a customer in the Exchange Section, participate as a guest blogger or in active dialogue with the global network via the comment section in the Engage Section, and if you have an energy modality that you practice, get a free listing for your practice in the Experience Section.

We hope you enjoy the site we have pulled together for you. This is a work in progress that we want to continually improve. So if you have any suggestions that will enhance this experience, please contact us at [email protected].


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