The best way to understand an energy modality is to experience it firsthand. Our intention is to build a global database of energy practitioners to facilitate this experience for our network. Through the Experience section of Pranalink, Energy workers/practitioners can apply for a free listing of their practice, to help people looking for such services to reach out to them. We request the people who are not practitioners to be patient while we build this service. 

Pranalink can help you build a digital presence and publish your profile online for free so that more customers can discover your practice, find more information about you and reach out to you. Pranalink being a website specifically for alternative medicine & subtle body knowledge seekers, we will be displaying your details to the right users. You can find a link in the Experience section with an application form to enter your details, which you can submit for a free listing for your energy practice on our website.

Currently, Pranalink does not charge any fee for listing your practice/clinic as a practitioner. Pranalink reserves rights to change our policies from time to time, which will be communicated to our users.

To list your energy practice/clinic on Pranalink, visit the Experience section on our website, where you will find ‘free listing,’ enter your details on the next page. Pranalink team will review and list your details on our website. You will receive a confirmation email, once your details are listed on the website. You can check back to find yourself listed.

Once you’ve completed all the sections of your application form — your details as well as the clinic details, you can submit the form. On successfully submitting the form, your details have been sent to Pranalink. After review, Pranalink team will send you a confirmation email and your practice will be listed on Pranalink. If this hasn’t occurred within a reasonable amount of time, contact [email protected].

No. Currently, Pranalink as a platform does not provide any further experience services other than a listing. If you get an enquiry from a potential client through our website, all further communications should be done between you and your client. We will not provide any further support services.

Once you have listed your details, including the contact details as a practitioner on our experience section, interested persons can access your contact information from our website and contact you directly. As Pranalink is a website specifically for alternative medicine & subtle body knowledge seekers, you should reach the right target market.

Safety of Practitioner data is always on our priority. Pranalink will only list and display the details that we are authorized to display by the Practitioner by entering and submitting the application form. Also, Pranalink will not share any verification documents if shared with us (ID proof, qualification certificate etc.) to any users or other third parties.

Once listed as a practitioner, if you wish to remove your details from our website, you may send us a deletion request to [email protected].

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