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Welcome to Pranalink!

Pranalink is an online marketplace which connects the worldwide vendors of energy healing products with the right buyers across the world. On the Pranalink platform, customers have access to multiple shops operated by different vendors from different parts of the world. Here you will find carefully crafted items, energy & healing products, and supplies. This article can guide you through your shopping experience with Pranalink.

You are bound to find something you love among the number of products for sale on our platform. Click on the shop tab on the top menu to start shopping from Pranalink. Start using the sections on the left side of the page to check out different categories of products our vendors offer. Use the search tab at the top of the page to search an item, if you have a more specific idea of what you want.

Before you purchase:

  • Create an account: It’s quick and free. How to create an account on Pranalink? (click here)
  • Know your vendor: Make sure you have a look at the policies of the shop that sells the product you wish to purchase. Click on the policy link on the particular shop page to view policies regarding delivery, returns, refunds, etc.
  • Read over Pranalink buyer terms of services.

A customer can create an account on Pranalink in three ways. The below steps will help you create an account successfully.

  1. Click on the ‘Register’ option at the top right of the Pranalink home page. A ‘Create New Account’ dialogue box will appear.
  2. Click on the ‘Sign in’ option on the top right of the Pranalink home page. A popup box will appear.

If you are a registered user you can directly enter your email id and password to login to the platform. To create a new account as a customer, click on the ‘Create New Account’. the option just below the ‘login’ icon. You can also log in through your Google or Facebook account via ‘sign in with Google account’. or sign in with Facebook account’ option.

You can also choose to register by clicking on the ‘Register as a customer’ option in the ‘exchange’ section.

In the ‘Create new account’ dialogue box, fill up your name, email id, and password.

If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, click on the checkbox ‘Sign Up for Newsletter’.

Click on the ‘Create an Account’ button to submit the form and register. Make sure you have read and agreed to the Buyer’s terms of services before registration. *Note: If you sign up using your e-mail id, you will receive an e-mail confirmation link. You will have to sign in to the registered e-mail id and confirm your account to complete the registration process.

  • Click on the sign-in option at the top right of the Pranalink home page.
  • You can sign in using any of the provided options – by using your registered e-mail id and password or by using your Facebook account or Google account.
  • The following steps will help you experience a happy shopping on Pranalink.
  • Click on the shop tab on the homepage. Search for shops or items you wish to purchase in the search bar. The results of the search are ordered by the relevance of the items to what you are looking for. To narrow down the results, use several descriptive terms in a quest. For example: Search for “6/PORT PRO Expandable System” will return fewer, more specific results. You can switch through the product categories on the left side of the page to view different products category wise.
  • You will see a price filter on the left side of each search results page to narrow down your results. You can also sort the products by the product name, price, or position. Click on the arrow next to the sort option to change the order.
  • You can always add products you wish to purchase, to your wish list. To add a product to your wish list, click on the red heart button on the top left of each product. You can view and edit your wish list by clicking on the arrow next to your account name on the header tab and selecting the ‘My Wish list’ option
    1. Search and identify the product you want.
    2. Click on the ‘Add to Cart’ option to add a product to your shopping cart. You can either keep shopping to add more products to your cart or proceed to checkout.
    3. When you hit on ‘cart’ icon you can view the following details in a dialogue box:
      • Subtotal amount of the product(s) added to your cart
      • Name, price, and quantity of the product(s) added to the cart
      • Go to checkout option
      • View and the edit cart option

    You can edit the quantity of the item(s) in the cart or remove an item from the cart, in the same dialogue box itself.

    1. To check out and place your order:

      1. Click on the cart icon on the top right of your homepage.
      2. Click on the ‘Go to Checkout’ option
      3. You can also view and edit your cart and then go to checkout.
      4. On clicking the ‘Go to checkout’ option, you will be redirected to a new window where you can fill up your shipping address details (address where you want the product(s) to be shipped to).
      5. After entering your shipping address details, hit on the ‘Next’ option to proceed to payment. Now you will be redirected to a new window.
      6. In case your billing address is different from your shipping address, uncheck the option ‘My billing and shipping address are the same’, provide the address for billing, and click on the ‘update’ option.
      7. If you have a discount code, click on the ‘Apply Discount Code’ option, enter your discount code, and click on the ‘Apply discount’ to apply the discount.
    1. You can make the payment for your purchase using a debit or credit card. To proceed to payment:

      1. Click on the ‘Add new card’ option to add your card details (both debit and credit can be used for the shopping).

      *Note: All the payment/banking related transaction will take place through our payment gateway ‘Stripe’. Pranalink does not collect or store any account or credit/ debit card details from our customers. (Refer ‘Stripe: Help & Support’ to know more about stripe).

      1. On adding the debit/credit card details in the ‘Pranalink Stripe Pay’ window, click on the ‘place order’ option to proceed to payment. If you wish to save your card details for future payments check the ‘Save this card for future payments’ option.
      2. On completing the payment as above, your order has been placed.
      3. You will receive the order confirmation mail and an invoice to your registered e-mail id.
      1. Click on the arrow next to your account name, on the top right of the Pranalink homepage. Select the ‘My Account’ option from the drop-down menu.
      2. Go to ‘My Orders’ from the menu bar on the left side of your window. You can view the list of orders you have placed.
      3. Click on the ‘View’ option corresponding to the order which you wish to track.
      4. A new window will appear. Click on the ‘order shipments’ tab. Then click on ‘Track this shipment’ option corresponding to the order you wish to track.
      5. You will be redirected to a new window, where you can see the shipment status of your product.

      *Note: The ‘Order shipment’ tab will be active on your dashboard, only if the vendor updates the tracking information of your order in his/her dashboard.

      To know more details about the shipping and delivery of your product contact the vendor.

      1. Before you make a purchase, make sure you check on the policies of the vendor, selling the product. To know more about the vendor:

        1. Click on the product you wish to purchase. You will be taken to the product page, showing details of the product and the name of the shop, selling the product.
        2. Click on the name of the shop, displayed on the product page.
        3. You will be redirected to the shop homepage where you can read about the shop and view contact information of the vendor and the shop policies regarding shipping, return, etc.
      1. Go to the homepage of the shop you purchased the product from. Click on the shipping tab to view the shipping policy of the shop. You can check on the shipping rates. Each seller decides how to dispatch their products. Contact the vendor to know more about the delivery of your product

      1. Do you have a question regarding an item or an order? Reach out to the seller directly. To contact your vendor:

        1. Click on the product you wish to purchase/order
        2. Click on the name of the shop selling the product, displayed on the product page.
        3. You will be redirected to the seller’s homepage. Click on the contact tab on the top menu.
        4. A contact seller dialogue box will appear with your account name and email id entered.
        5. Enter the subject you wish to communicate with the seller and details of your query.
        6. Click the submit button to send your query to the vendor. They will revert to your query in the registered email id.

        Your vendor can help you with questions like:

        • Do you have the product in a different color or size?
        • Can you ship the product more quickly?
        • When will I be able to expect my order?
        • Can I request for a return or cancellation?
      1. For sellers to build their credibility, reviews are really important. Your review also helps other buyers know about your experience of buying from the shop. To write a review:

        1. Go to the shop homepage.
        2. Scroll down to find the ‘write a review’ option.
        3. Click on the ‘write a review’ option where you can write a review regarding your experience with the shop. (Please note that you can add a review only if you have purchased a product from the shop)
      1. Didn’t receive your order on time or wasn’t anything stated as it was? If you are facing any issues receiving the order or you are not satisfied with the product received, contact the vendor first. They must be able to help you. In case you are disappointed with the vendor response, email us at ‘[email protected]’ to let us help you resolve the issue.

      1. To return or cancel a product once ordered, you can contact the vendor. Check on the vendor policies to determine whether the vendor provides a return or cancellation option.

      1. To claim a refund on a canceled or returned order, contact the vendor from whom the product was purchased. If you face any issues in the process email us at ‘[email protected]’.

      1. In case you forget your Pranalink account password, follow the below steps to reset your password;

        1. Click on ‘Sign in’ option on the top right of the Pranalink home page
        2. A pop-up box will appear. Click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link next to the ‘Login’ button.
        3. In the pop-up box, enter your registered e-mail address to receive a password reset link and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
        4. You will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. On clicking the link, you will be redirected to a new window, where you can enter a new password. Re-enter the new password in the ‘confirm password’ field and click on ‘Set a new password’ button. Once your password is successfully reset, you may log in to your Pranalink Account using your new password.
      1. Do you have a question the seller can’t help with? Contact Pranalink via email at ‘[email protected]’ or tap on contact button in the Pranalink homepage ( and write us your query.

      1. The processing time is the length of time that the shop takes to get an order ready for delivery, or the length of time between placing an order and dispatching the order from the store. Sellers in their shop can set processing times for items and the processing time may vary from item to item within the shop.

      1. To remove an item from your cart,

        1. Click on the cart icon on the top right of your homepage.
        2. You can see an ‘x’ option next to the item. Click on the ‘x’ button to remove the item from the cart.
        3. You can also click on the ‘view and edit cart’ option and then remove the product from your cart.

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