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What I learnt today…

My understanding and explanation of EGO…
I am always RIGHT- others are always WRONG!
I can say/do anything and all HAVE TO listen!
I am smart and intelligent – rest are all dumb!
Etc etc…
This I realised comes from our conditioning, experiences and situations in our life that makes us the person we are today. That makes me a special being who has a different set of qualities, beliefs and skills that sets me aside from the rest. So if I am a unique individual so is everyone else. Right???

What we forget is with the kind of EGO I carry, I become blind to others views and attitudes. Thus there is discontent, expectations and disharmony around me.
If only I understood that each individual has a CHOICE to say, be and act… Then only will I be able to be in a state of ALLOWANCE. Allowance does not mean we have to allow ourselves to be weighed down by others views and opinions but to let them choose their point of view and I can listen yet stand up for what I feel works for me.

Think about this and see the lightness that you are able to create in your own life and be in a state of Harmony and Peace.
As a very wise Lama warrior says…
“The Universe runs on the energy of Harmony and Balance…
So be it✨

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By Mukta Rastogi

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