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Qigong is an ancient technique that dates back 5,000 years. This method has been used to aid in healing since ancient times. One of the purposes of qigong healing is to relax the mind. The mind, body, and emotions are one an all of these components of our bodies are interconnected.

There is a common misperception that Qigong and Tai Chi are the same thing. In reality, Tai Chi is a martial art, but Qigong is a wellness system. 

Western Medicine and Ancient Practice 

The body is divided into sections in Western medicine.  We have different experts to examine different sections of the body, such as Psychologists, who are physicians for emotions, Neurologists, who are doctors for the mind, Cardiologists, who are doctors for the heart, and others.

In Chinese Medicine, the body is viewed as one. When we use qigong to repair an organ, we also positively affect our emotions. It is well recognized in Chinese Medicine that our emotions are closely related to a certain organ. If we want to balance specific emotions, we must also balance the organ that is linked to them. As a result, qigong is an ideal technique that requires consistency and frequent practice.

How does Qigong work?

Qigong’s comprehensive approach involves movement and the energy vessels, organs, and energy pathways. These exercises were created specifically to aid in the discharge of any stagnation or obstructions in the body. These stagnations and obstructions are the primary causes of various illnesses and pains in the body, as well as good brain and mental activities. Using qigong to quiet the mind helps to relieve any stagnation and obstructions that prevent you from reaching a more relaxed state.

We use the breath to steer the energy away from congestion and barriers. This is very useful when utilizing qigong to relax the mind. When there are obstructions and stagnations in our bodies, our minds do not absorb adequate energy. This causes the mind to be confused and chaotic, resulting in a hyperactive mind. As a result, using qigong to relax the mind is quite beneficial. Qigong promotes appropriate energy flow in the body, allowing our minds to perform more effectively and calmly.


Qigong for Relaxation and other Techniques


Meditations such as Focus Meditation help to relax the mind. Improving our attention allows us to perform more effectively in the present. An overactive mind often results in a scattered brain. When we have a scattered mind, we constantly worrying about things, issues, events, or circumstances that are beyond our ability to control at the time. This causes us uneasiness and concern. Focus meditation helps us in staying in the present moment. This helps us to focus on what we can improve with what we have now rather than stressing about things we cannot control.


Breathwork practices are extremely beneficial to the body. The most basic relic of life is the breath. However, there is more than simply the air that enters and exits our bodies. Breathing controls the body and allows energy to flow through it. The organs and other bodily processes are given life by the breath. Breathing allows information to travel from the body to the brain and from the brain to the body, which helps to control the mind.

The breath guides the movement in Qigong. This improves our connection to our bodies. The breath also allows energy to circulate throughout the body. We may shift energy through the breath with intention.


Regular, well-balanced exercise helps to relax the mind. Mindfulness activities help to awaken the body-brain link. This helps to boost flow of energy, allowing the body and brain to stimulate processes. This also aids in signaling for body and brain systems to perform properly. When the brain is appropriately engaged, it is able to distinguish good stress and circulation and eradicate harmful stresses. Exercise can also help to relax the mind by releasing extra energy in the body.

Qigong and other ancient practices are holistic techniques that help to regulate the body. Many traditional practices, such as mindful movement and meditation, help to soothe the body and mind. Using qigong to relax the mind is a comprehensive method that will greatly help the body and its system.

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