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What I learnt today…

I was attending a color therapy course by Dr Anu Mehta. On the second last day, we were made to do a very different activity. She made us do a womb meditation and connect to the soul within. Post that, we were made to work with water colors on paper. She guided us in choosing the colors and we became kids while doing this art work. I was putting blobs of colors and then turning the paper up and down, left to right. It was such a delight to see the colors moving, swaying, mingling with each other and creating new hues and shades.

This entire exercise was so relaxing and exciting, as there were no instructions and it was free flowing as per our likes. We could use our fingers, a brush, straw or even just blow the paints around. This felt like complete freedom to discover and create. Then we were told to let this dry and come back the next day for rest of the activity.

On the second day, Ma’am told us to look at our sheets and pick up what we see so that we could create outlines with glitter/gel pens and complete our art work. When I looked at my sheet, immediately I saw 2 distinct blue dots that looked like eyes. So I started with this part, made eyes, lips and hair to create a girls smiling face. Next I saw a spiral of colors and in the center it looked like a lotus flower, so that was next. Like this I kept making different patterns of flowers, butterflies, leaves etc. and filled my page.

When Ma’am asked me to tell a story about this picture, I said that ‘ Eyes (blue dots) are the window to our soul’ and I feel that the Universal light (red rays) are coming into my soul (spiral circles) and going around to create the ‘Circle of life’.
Then she asked me to give a name to my painting and I immediately said …

I thus created a magical miracle on paper that is so true to my heart and soul…
So if we all can believe and live with this simple knowledge that :-
I am a Miracle
I create Miracles
Life is full of Miracles
We will be able to live a Miraculous life each day and experience abundance and blessings always…✨

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By Mukta Rastogi

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