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Polychromatic LED light therapy is an effective, gentle way to help increase circulation and decrease pain. InLight Medical Equipment is FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] cleared to increase circulation and decrease pain.

Jean & Jeanine use the In Light Medical Equipment, which incorporates red, blue and infrared LED lights to positively affect the cells of the body. “The light controller has various frequencies to choose from, depending on what type of tissue you want to have the greatest effect on.

When there is a lack of oxygen and glucose in the blood vessels, Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production decreases, which is sensed by nerves and sent to the brain as either pain or a lack of sensation in the outer extremities. Light energy stimulates the release of nitric oxide (known as the “miracle molecule) from hemoglobin, which enters the muscle cells through the walls of the blood vessels, causing the vessels to increase in diameter and allowing more blood flow, increasing oxygen and glucose. The increase of oxygen and glucose, along with stimulation from Infrared Light Therapy, increases ATP production. This decreases pain and inflammation, and increases tissue regeneration in the localized area.

Benefits of Polychromatic LED light therapy

Most people feel relaxed. Many say they feel more energized later that day or the next. They may sleep better, have less pain, more flexibility, and more energy or just feel better emotionally. There can be an emotional component to the light session, especially when using the eye mask.

Jean & Jeanine also rent light units and people can take them home to use for a week or two to get the maximum benefit. “Every person responds differently, as we are all unique,” she explains. Jean & Jeanine became Certified Light Therapist in early 2018. Then, we both became authorized representative for InLight Medical, and sells the equipment for home and professional office use, as well. “Being an owner allows you to use the lights every day for so many applications. The whole family can benefit from the lights. It’s exciting to help get this great therapy out to help as many people as possible,” they add.

“We are always looking to increase our knowledge of light therapy,” We just went to Florida for an InLight Conference focusing on education and the research shows major positive affects InLight Therapy has on TBI and PTSD.  Increasing circulation and blood flow in the brain.

November is a special month for Veterans and an opportunity for Veterans to invest in InLight Medical Device at a great savings.

As we age, light therapy is an exciting addition we can see ourselves doing for many years to come.

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