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Mandalas are utilized in a variety of spiritual traditions as a meditation aid to help create a holy place. . One’s attention is instantly drawn to the center of the mandala due to its symmetrical form. Its design occupies the mind, allowing buzzing thoughts to fade away, thus helping in trance induction and meditation. The design is something that should be pondered over and again until it becomes saturated. A mandala is mesmerizing in nature. We give our analytical mind a chance to relax by allowing the creative (right side) hemisphere of our mind to function a bit more freely.

The steps of meditating with a mandala are as follows:

  • Choose a Mandala that you like or whose significance you understand.
  • Before concentrating on anything, set an intention.
  • Begin focusing on it after you’ve set your objective.
  • Allow your thoughts to roam as it pleases while your eyes soak in the beauty of the patterns. If your mind wanders (i.e., I need to do laundry, I need to pick up the kids), simply return your focus to the mandala’ss beauty.
  • Become a part of it.
  • Allow it to consume all your attention.
  • You will begin to feel lighter and intuitive thoughts may occur.
  • Relax and allow yourself to get carried away by the ideas and feelings that arise.
  • Simply return your attention to meditating whenever you start to feel disoriented, uncomfortable or hear the “chatter” again. You’ll feel calmer when you meditate, and you’ll have a better understanding of the intention you established before you started.

Mandala Coloring

Making or coloring your mandala is another type of meditation. Our creative brain may come out and play when we paint, color, or create one. It has the potential to induce a state of altered consciousness in which we can engage in constructive healing, and we learn a great deal about ourselves and our life.

Health Benefits of Coloring Mandalas

The physical process of coloring a mandala may have a greater impact on you than you realize. Coloring decreases anxiety promotes awareness, and increases attention, according to Marygrace Berberian, a trained art therapist and Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU. Countless people feel that coloring add a new depth to coloring. Therefore:

  • Improves Focus: Coloring mandalas helps your brain to turn off the continual stream of ideas or chatter in your head while you concentrate on the process of coloring. When you have a personal meaning for the mandala, it may help you focus on and improve those principles in your life.
  • Anxiety is lessened: Free-floating worry dissipates when drawing, like how it does when you meditate.
  • Provides Tension Relief: Coloring calms both your body and mind, helping you to let go of the day’s stress. This allows the mind to focus on pleasant thoughts.
  • Promotes Mindfulness: As your brain concentrates on the task at hand, it engages in mindfulness.
  • Encourages Creative Expression: Coloring readymade mandalas provides a secure environment for creative expression. This might be useful for individuals who like making art but lack the skills or confidence to create creative pieces.

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