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Energy therapy – We often feel that we are carrying baggage of unknown origins, which is why it is important to address the various aspects of our emotional state to enhance our well-being. Having a balanced emotional state helps us heal and maintain a positive and resilient mind.

 1. Yoga

Through a combination of asanas and breathwork, yoga can help one achieve a peaceful union with the body.

Yoga is made up of many different elements:

  • Pranayama is the practice of inhaling and exhaling (practices of controlling the breath as you release toxins),
  • Chanting helps one release stress and increase positive energy, and it can also improve one’s environment.
  • Trataka is a yogic practice that purifies the third eye. It involves focusing on a candle flame.
  • Mudras are performed by balancing the vital energy of the body by joining various fingers and thumbs. It can help with various physical and mental health issues.
  • Super Brain Yoga is a unique healing practice that involves drawing the mind and strengthening the aura.

2. Cuddle Therapy

This type of physical intimacy is a process that enables people to indulge in a non-invasive and platonic relationship. This type of therapy is safe and can help people overcome their emotional states. It can also help them heal the physical through the aspect of being touched.

3. Pranic Healing Salt Baths

The Salt Baths are cleansing and can help remove negative auras. They should be done daily to remove negative energy from the body. After a certain number of breaths, rinse the salt off and then gently cleanse the body. This Pranic healing practice makes you feel lighter and more energetic.

4. Mood Therapy

  1. Laughter Therapy

Laughter is also known to help people get out of a depressed state. It’s a non-pharmacological treatment that can be utilized for stress and depression. It produces endorphins.

      2. Sleep Therapy

Sleep therapy is a great way to improve a person’s mental and physical health. It involves taking deep sleep for a couple of hours to allow the body to recharge. It can be performed through various activities such as breathing exercises, cleansing baths, and reducing blue light exposure.

5. Guided Meditations

     A guided version is similar to the practice of mindfulness, where the participant is guided to a state of inner awareness. It allows people to release toxins from their bodies and mind while improving their spiritual and physical health.

Guided meditation techniques:

Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy is a type of guided technique that can help people overcome various psychological, physical, and social barriers through dance movements.

Music and Sound Therapy

Even Music & Sound Therapy is a type of guided meditation that uses music to address various emotional, cognitive, and physical needs.

 Meditations can improve a person’s breathing and heart rate, as well as lower blood pressure and muscle tension.

6. Crystal Healing

Though crystals are generally considered as a healing tool, with their unique characteristics. Therefore, they may bring the wearer healing properties.

Crystal Forms

 1. Rose Quartz Crystals – Pink/rose quartz crystals are said to exude love energy to the user, while the transparent stone functions on both a physical and emotional level.

2. Labradorite Crystal – The labradorite crystal provides the wearer with healing, purification, and spirituality.  It is an excellent crystal for energy healers because of its strong protection properties.

3. Hematite Crystal – The Hematite crystal protects against negativity and provides EMF protection.

This ancient healing technique involves using healing crystals. Aside from being worn, one can also program or charge the crystals to provide the owner with their various healing properties.

7. Healing Affirmations

Affirmations can help us manifest anything that we desire. They can also help us keep our mind and body balanced.  The magic of this “secret” requires that people believe in it and approach it with no doubt. Doing so will help strengthen their emotional health and avoid depleting them.

8. Gratitude

Being grateful is a Karma cleansing practice that actually generates good karma. Gratitude is a healing practice that can bring abundance and positive energy. This practice should be done daily. Take some time in the morning to thank our creator (source).  It will nourish the overall well-being and positively impact the energy around us.

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