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What I learnt today… ACCEPTANCE!

I attended a very beautiful and amazing session by Deepa Mahesh on “Dialogue with your body”. Really a very simple yet such an effective process of being in touch with your own body… The body that we are born with, The body that we grow up with, The body that we live with, The body that we feel and sense with… As she took us through the body connection, we were asked to connect with that part which is in pain or which we instinctively connect to and immediately my palms went to my upper abdomen.

Here we had to ask what our message is, why this part feels heavy etc. I immediately got the word REJECTION in my mind and then an image of a Fan.

Well this was so huge! I was rejecting my own body…Really? A part of me…OMG! A part that completes me and is so important to me…So shocking… Then I told my abdomen I love you, I really, really do You are a very important part of me I completely accept you Thank you for being with me. The symbol of the fan told me that this shift of my mind’s awakening gives me FREEDOM and LIGHTNESS and am open to flow in my life with Peace and Joy… Thank you so much Deepa… This insight is truly huge and brings smiles and joys of love for myself.

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By Mukta Rastogi

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