How do I edit my profile?

You can edit your shop and profile information in your vendor dashboard

To edit your vendor profile once created: click on the vendor profile from ‘my account’.

  1. Click ’general’ – edit first name, last name, email if desired.
  2. Click ‘shop’ – edit shop name, phone number if desired. And connect to stripe to receive payments. Fill in your address details. Write a short description about your shop. Describe how your business started and evolved, and your vision for the business. Mention the key highlights of your shop, the initial drive to start your shop, how your business has grown over the period, and other interesting details that may help buyers to connect with your brand on a personal level. Try to describe your shop in your unique way.
  3. Click ‘image’ – upload user image, shop logo, banner image. Click save.
  4. Click ‘social media’ – In this section, you can provide your shop page links to Social Media sites. Click save.

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