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Astrological counseling offers insight, clarity, and guidance to help you navigate the currents of life.

Career, relationships, life purpose, current and coming influences, core patterns, astrology is a precise diagnostic tool to key in on the critical issues in life.

Combined with modern psychology, this offers your tools, tips, and timings to thread the maze of life with grace and ease.

Readings are 90 minutes over a video call, and you will receive a recording of the session.

Please send accurate birth time, date, and place when booking the reading, as these are required to draw up your astrology chart. (You will receive a digital copy of your chart along with the recording)

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For those of you who may not be familiar, astrology is about way more than just sun signs and horoscopes. It is an art that is breathtaking in its depth and complexity.

First of all, every chart is as unique as a fingerprint.

The combination of planets and signs, the exact configuration that produced them, will never be repeated again. Certainly not in your lifetime, and maybe not even in the life of the planet.

No two charts are alike. (With the exception of twins, or others who were born at exactly the same time and place.)

The natal chart is like a snapshot of where the planets were in the sky at the exact moment of your birth. It offers an in-depth depiction of an individual’s inner world.

Each planet is like a voice in the inner world, each connected to an aspect of thought and character.

Each sign is like an approach, or perspective, or style of expression.

Each house is an area of human life. Taken together, the houses show the full range of human experience.

So, here are just a few of things you can explore in the natal chart:

  1. It will help you to understand your inner experience as never before.
  2. In understanding yourself more deeply, you’ll also gain new insight into others.
  3. This is a map of the infinite, showing how events in the outer world are linked to our inner world, and showing the patterns and cycles in these events.
  4. In your chart, you can zero in on loads of factors: your thinking style, emotional nature, relationship needs and patterns, preferences and compatibility.
  5. You can look into: relationship, career, life purpose, work styles, gifts, styles of growth, specific patterns of challenge and how best to overcome them, shadow elements and how to bring them into the light, artistic and creative tendencies, sacred wounds and the gifts they offer, and way more than that.

And, in addition to natal (birth) charts, I offer compatibility readings with both composite and synastry charts, to look deeply at how your chart connects with that of a partner.

I interpret transits, progressions, and current events, which explore where the planets are right now and how they impact your birth chart. This offers a window into what’s happening for you right now, and how it fits in with the larger journey of your life.

And, for those of you who would like to explore the year ahead, I offer solar return interpretations.

Solar returns are charts that are drawn up on your birthday when the sun returns to the angle it was at when you were born. They offer a snapshot of that year of life and can go into uncanny detail.

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