The Brahmmastra – Book, By Dr.A.Sreekumar

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The Brahmmastra – Book, By Dr.A.Sreekumar

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About the Book

The Brahmmastra, a unique book, which holds many years of research in history, the inner body and its subtle way of functioning and offers a peep into the nature, explains beautifully how the world has changed and is continuing to change very fast. This book shows a powerful way to unravel your own mysterious self. This learning process alone is a retreat that can reward your life in this modern, fast-changing world with a better place for better living.

About the Author

Dr. Sree, as he is popularly known, through Wellness Clinic, offers personalized, scientific, and innovative functional health solutions to his patients and clientele. He has successfully integrated the best of knowledge from science, medicine and nature to provide health care at its best. He has developed a β€œnew health mantra” that ensures health care management at cellular, mitochondrial and epigenetic levels. Dr. Sree’s initiatives in health care include Wellness Solutions for innovative health care; Soukhya Foundation for education, training and research in health care; and Nutrigenomics for producing nutritional molecules and dealing with molecules that act at genomic level. Nutrigenomics ties up with international manufacturers in India and abroad. Transition of Dr. Sree, a very popular and busy clinician and surgeon, to an integrative functional clinician raised many questions. The Brahmmastra answers all questions, and clears all doubts regarding this precious life very beautifully. The slight change in outlook needed to manage health has been described very powerfully in this book. The contents are very lucid and truthful, and the presentation has strong and scientific backup that is understandable to all. Truth is very powerful, and this reality and truth is described in a simple language that will pave a new way to understand your own hidden potential that can help you lead a better life.


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