One-on-one sessions: Healing & spiritual mentorship

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Emotional mindfulness, spiritual development, and healing for those called to be of service to the world

What is my approach to healing?

Emotional presence and working with the subtle dimensions of your experience is at the center of my approach.

We will work together to help you develop a deeper relationship with your internal world through cultivating somatic awareness, emotional mindfulness, and spiritual practices guided by your intuitive sense.

Slow down and come into your body. Be in a relational field that lovingly supports your emotions to naturally unfold, live out their full expression, and give you the information you need to thrive.

Who I work with

Where social consciousness meets spirituality.

✨The Feelers

  • You’re a sensitive empath who has unique needs when it comes to relationships, lifestyle and work.

  • Receive validation and a supportive energetic embrace that deeply believes empaths are integral to our world and these evolutionary times, and require special support to thrive.

  • We’ll explore your needs to design approaches, practices, rituals and techniques that best support your unique gifts.

✨The Seekers

  • “Knowing thyself” rings true to your core. You’re on a lifelong path of spiritual inquiry.

  • There is a part of you that is itching to be brought into the light, to have a safe space to be seen, understood and integrated.

  • I’ll be a personalized buddy to walk with you on a specific part of your journey. We’ll use our time together to map out all that is swirling within you and support the actualization of what’s naturally next.

✨The Givers

  • Healing in action is your motto. Being of service to the world is not a question, it’s a natural orientation.

  • You’re a professional, an activist, a teacher, a healer. Find your balance, resource yourself well, and sustain your work.

  • Understand yourself more deeply in order to lovingly draw clear boundaries so you can better assert and live your values.

Hi. I’m Liz.

I’m a longtime change maker and norm shaker in the fields of sustainable development and social change. My journey into this work started with the feelings that I felt the first time I learned about extreme poverty. Since then I’ve been on a path of learning how to listen to those feelings, and the Spirit behind them, in order to be of service to our world.

My intention is to be a witness, friend, soul sister, and compassionate presence for you. I see myself as an incubator for your natural unfolding and growth.

Everything I offer is grounded in my own healing journey and lived experiences, as well as the techniques and experiences of the teachers and professionals I’ve been blessed to work with. I’m highly influenced by AEDP, which works with emotional energy in the body, as opposed to story and analysis. We’ll use right-brain techniques rooted in evidence-based practices to support you to slow down and process emotions from the present and past.

Reflections from past clients

“Liz has been a true life changer for me.

She provided me with tools and inspiration that I will carry throughout life… Liz helped me work through struggles and heart ache, as well as uncover things I didn’t even know were affecting my day-to-day life.

I highly recommend working with Liz if you are looking for a shift and not sure how to do it or feeling stuck and want to move to the next level. ”


“Working with Liz was great. She was part of a process that changed my life path.

She helped me through a transition that required visioning what’s possible as well as meeting reality where it’s at.

For anyone looking for a guided initiation and journey, a transformation, Liz is an excellent partner. ”




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