Miraculous Medicine!

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Intuitive Energy Reading!



This is a 1hour 1on1 Intuitive Energy Reading through Zoom that will help you to understand where you are energetically.

Why is it so important to know where you are energetically?

Because you are Energy, you create through the energy at which you are vibrating. Vibrating at a lower frequency will attract experiences that feel hard, struggle, challenging, upsetting, confusing, feelings of being low, sad or depressed. Vibrating at a higher frequency attracts feeling of gratitude, clarity, peace, calm, love, understanding and joy.

This Reading helps you to see yourself in truth, your beliefs and ideas both conscious and subconscious.

Once we can see what we believe we can adapt that belief if it no longer fits in with who we are now. Many beliefs come from a young age that we have held onto for so long that they feel ingrained in us, yet when we get the opportunity to look at ourselves objectively we can start to see where and how those beliefs are holding us back.

Tools will be offered to overcome what you are experiencing at the moment and guidance will be given throughout the Reading so you walk away from it feeling clarity, understanding and a knowing of what to work on to create those little changes within, that create amazing changes to your physical world.

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