Tensor Ring Bracelets x 2 Half Sacred Cubit Pure Copper

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Set of 2 tensor wrist bracelets made to a half a sacred cubit. The diameter of the rings is 3.25 inches approximately. They are made of pure copper and are hand crafted by me.

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Set of 2 tensor wrist bracelets made to a half a sacred cubit. The diameter of the rings is 3.25 inches approximately. They are made of pure copper and are hand crafted by me.

Tensor Rings is a technology, rediscovered by Slim Spurling and Bill Reid in the 1990s, and is supported by exciting research. Originally called Light-Life Rings, they are now also known as tensor rings. A tensor ring creates a toroidal vortex—a region of rotating movement where the flow takes on a toroid shape.

Examples of this are smoke rings and bubble rings. These vortices are produced by Whales and Dolphins in the seas of the world. They can be observed playing with them for extended periods before they dissipate.

If you could see a tensor network in nature, it would resemble the film that forms when a loop is dipped in soapy water. Slim Spurling referred to the opening of the ring as a tensor field. They felt that the tensor ring field was partly the reason soapy water created the film inside any looped material.

They felt that the watery liquid actually “clung” to the energetic field within the loop. The tensor network is used now to understand complex systems made of many different cooperating parts. It is considered to have geometry much like space-time.

Those who perceive energy describe a beam of light within tensor rings that extends in both directions. The energy column appears to organize the space within. As water passes through the tensor rings, its molecular structure becomes more organized; the longer it sits inside the column, the better the structure becomes.

Tensor rings are used in containers of water, around taps/faucets, incoming water mains, and on showerheads. As the water becomes more structured and organized, chlorine dissipates and the taste of the water improves.

The column of energy that is created by tensor rings, is one of the most useful devices for protecting water from the effects of electromagnetic fields and other influences. It is often used to add or preserve the “information” that is imprinted to water.

One of the best ways tensor rings augment water’s energy is through the influence of paramagnetism. An expert on paramagnetism noted that tensor rings exhibit a paramagnetic value greater than anything ever tested before.

Paramagnetism amplifies the Earth’s natural resonance. It may also cause some of the elements in water to spin to their higher-spin state referred to as ormus. This can have an impact on water’s molecular structure and the overall energy of the water.

Evidence for the Ormus can be seen in this experiment: Place two exact volumes of water in identical receptacles on balanced scales so that they are equally balanced. Place the tensor rings directly over one receptacle.

After around 48 hours, the receptacle with the tensor ring above it becomes measurably lighter (the difference in weight is dependent on the type and amount of minerals or salts in the water that can enter a high-spin state).

Also, tensor rings have been used to improve plant growth and vitality. They are often used to reduce inflammation and pain. I am not making any health claims. However, if tensor rings create coherence within their energetic column.

It would explain their ability to reduce inflammation and the ability to support the healing response. Although short-term use on the body can be beneficial. When the ends of a copper wire are brought together, a circuit is completed and an energetic field emerges.

Although this circuit is not technically electrical, it does have electric properties; when placed in water, those properties are enhanced. A tensor Ring placed in water has a subtle electrolytic effect.

The energetic circuit begins to gently ionize water; this process releases tiny (often monoatomic) particles from the wire. Tensor Rings are most often used as a single unit placed around a container of water.

Or over a water tap, or around a water line. but they can be used together with interesting effects. When placed inside each other the tensor rings’ energetic columns overlap to create a stronger bigger field. This is ideal for placement on an incoming water main.

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