A Tin of Earl Grey Tea 125 grams shipped from the U.K.

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A Tin of Earl Grey Tea 125 grams shipped from the U.K.  Add to any amount of tea from us for the same flat rate of $12 shipping fee.

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Black tea flavoured with bergamot oil Earl Grey is probably the most famous blend in the world of teas. Dating back to the mid 19th century it was meant to be taken without the addition of milk but plenty of people do take some kind of milk with it be it soya, oat or whatever your taste maybe. It is often used to flavour other teas.

Sure, I’d be happy to describe a caddy of Earl Grey loose leaf tea in a tactile tin with an inner lid to maintain freshness.

The caddy is a square-shaped tin, approximately 4 inches in height and 3 inches in width, with a smooth and slightly textured surface. As you run your fingers over the tin, you can feel the embossed logo of the tea company on the lid, giving it a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Upon opening the lid, you are greeted by the rich, aromatic scent of the Earl Grey tea. Inside, the loose leaf tea is contained within a sealed, resealable inner lid, ensuring that the tea stays fresh and retains its full flavour.

As you reach in to scoop out some tea, the tactile sensation of the loose leaves is delightful. The leaves are small and delicate, with a smooth, velvety texture that feels luxurious between your fingertips. The gentle rustling sound as you handle the leaves adds to the sensory experience.

Overall, the caddy of Earl Grey loose leaf tea in its tactile tin with an inner lid provides a multi-sensory experience, from the touch of the tin to the aroma of the tea and the feel of the delicate leaves, making it a true pleasure for any tea enthusiast to handle and enjoy.

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