Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks

  • Acutonics – The Acutonics® Institute of Integrative Medicine is the creator of an in-depth certification program in the applied use of sound vibration that draws on Oriental medicine, psychology, science and the arts. They are also the developers of a series of sound healing tools that are used by health care practitioners around the world to promote health and well-being. Acutonic’s headquarters is based in the rural mountains of Northern New Mexico. Living in harmony with the natural world, close to nature, they grow their own food and conduct research into the therapeutic use of sound vibration for health promotion, agricultural production and processes.  
  • Aromasounds – AromaSounds is an organization devoted to the field of Sound, Light and Vibrational healing incorporating essential oils and plant essences.  They teach classes in vibrational harmonics with multiple certification pathways.  They also create healing tools and actively support a world-wide community that embodies the philosophy and practice of spiritual and energetic healing on all levels of the human biofield. 
  • SomaEnergetics – SomaEnergetics is a series of Sound Therapy Techniques developed by David Hulse at the turn of the century using the power of the ancient frequencies of the solfeggio. They use the highest quality Solfeggio Tuning forks, which are custom-made for SomaEnergetics by a manufacturer who has over 4 decades of experience developing quality, custom tuning forks. They offer training in live workshops and via DVD Home Study Courses. Their Color Solfeggio Energy Tuners and Body Tuners are available exclusively from SomaEnergetics.  The Phase 1 Manual has been translated into Japanese, French, Spanish and Chinese.  https://somaenergetics.com?ref=59

For more on the developing story of SomaEnergetics and the Lost Ancient Frequencies of the Ancient Solfeggio, we suggest David’s book: “A Fork in The Road: An Inspiring Journey of how Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies are Empowering Personal and Planetary Transformation!” 


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