Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch

What is therapeutic touch? — Therapeutic touch uses a practice called “laying on of hands” to correct or balance energy fields. Despite the use of the word “touch,” the hands usually hover over the body and do not physically touch it.

Therapeutic touch is based on the theory that the body, mind, and emotions form a complex energy field. According to therapeutic touch, good health is an indication of a balanced energy field, while illness represents imbalance. Studies suggest that therapeutic touch may help heal wounds, reduce pain, and lessen anxiety.



  • Getting in Touch – Christine Caldwell Phd
  • Miracle Touch:  A Complete Guide to Hands on Therapies – Debra Fulghum Bruce
  • Transformation Through Bodywork – Dan Menkin
  • Mother Nature’s Healing Touch Therapies – Dr. Mark W Severance
  • Healing Touch:  Enhancing Life Through Energy Therapy – Diane Wardell
  • Supercharging Quantum Touch:  Advance Techniques – Alain Herriott

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