Pythagorean Frequencies

Pythagorean Frequencies

The Pythagorean scale is a “geometric scale” originally derived from the angles of geometric shapes;  e.g., triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, etc., which produce an F# scale.  Mathematically it is based on intervals of fifths (3:2).  Various scales can be derived by dividing an octave into intervals of “Tones” that have a ratio of 9:8 (1.125), and “Hemitones” that have a ratio of 256:243.  All intervals are Tones, with the exception of E-F and B-C which are Hemitones. 

Pythagorean tuning is a system of tuning that focuses on specific frequency intervals that are ruled by the same mathematical laws that govern the universe.  The Pythagorean frequencies (body) are the link between the Sacred Solfeggio (mind) and the Planetary (spirit).  See the book by Dr Christi Bonds-Garrett – Vibrational Raindrop Technique – for a good explanation of Pythagorean vs. Solfeggio vs. planetary frequencies.

Aromasounds, the company established by Dr Christi Bonds, has Pythagorean tuning forks for sale.  They also have a class/protocol called “Trinity” which incorporates planetary, solfeggio, and Pythagorean tuning .

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