Planetary Frequencies

Planetary Frequencies

The earth and each of the planets of the solar system revolving around the sun make a musical note so low it cannot be heard by the human ear.  If we imagine a piano keyboard without limitation, the sound of the earth is a “C sharp” placed 33 octaves below middle C (about 4.7 meters left of the piano bench)  Mercury – the closest planet to the sun – plays a “C sharp” with its orbit. The orbit of Venus runs the note “A”, and the sequence goes on with the Earth (C sharp ), Mars (D), Jupiter (F sharp), Saturn (D), Uranus (G sharp), Neptune (G sharp) and Pluto (C sharp). Using tools tuned to these frequencies, such as tuning forks, which when combined together create a musical interval, creates a specific vibratory energetic with its own unique healing properties, and applying these frequencies directly to acupuncture points, chakras, and points of pain practitioners are able to access the bodies core energetic systems in a noninvasive way.  Acutonics and Aromasounds are two tuning fork companies that have planetary frequency tuning forks and training – See the description of these companies below.

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