Nogier Frequencies

Nogier Frequencies

Nogier frequencies were discovered by Paul Nogier, the late French neurologist and have had profound implications for people with neuropathy and chronic pain.  He discovered seven frequencies that are harmonics of the musical note D which naturally resonate with the tissues and organs of the body.  Dr Nogier’s theory states that sickness is the result of cells, molecules or particles of matter being out of their normal resonance or vibratory patterns.  He developed electronic instruments that delivered pulsed energies into the body for the purpose of healing injured or diseased organs and tissues.  There are several machines available today that incorporate these frequencies.  An effective machine we have used that has both Nogier and Solfeggio frequencies (see explanation below) is the inlight medical FDA cleared light systems.  These frequencies together with pulsed LED lights act as a trigger to stimulate the electrical nature of the body.

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