Miscellaneous Resources

Miscellaneous Resources

  • Healing Energies of Heat and Light, Charles T. McGee, MD, 2000 ISBN #0–9636979–6 –X (Also a reference for the applications of specific Nogier Frequencies)
  • Auriculotherapy Manual, Terry Oleson, 3rd edition, 2003 ISBN #0 443 07162 4
  • BlissfulOms  http://blissfuloms.com/wp/?page_id=582  [have sent email regarding affiliate link]
  • http://www.greatdreams.com/hertz.htm
  • Brown, Andrew. “The Music of the Spheres,” Andrew Brown’s Blog. The Guardian. Thursday November 5, 2009. Web.
  • Calter, Paul. “Pythagoras & the Music of the Spheres” Math 5: Geometry in Art and Architecture Online. Dartmouth College. 1998. Web.
  • Greene, Brian. Making Sense of String Theory. Ted Talks. February 2005. Video.
  • James, Jamie. The Music of the Spheres: Music, Science and the Natural Order of the Universe. New York: Springer Verlag, 1995. Print.
  • Kahn, Douglas. Noise Water Meat: A History of Sound in the Arts. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2001. Print.
  • Koestler, Arthur. The Sleepwalkers: A History of Man’s Changing Vision of the Universe. New York: MacMillan, 1959. Print.
  • Helmholtz H. On the sensations of tone. (Trans: Alexander Ellis). Dover Publications, New York, 1954 (1885).
  •  Peretz I, Zatorre RJ. Brain organization for music processing. Ann Rev Psychol 2005; 56:89–114.
  • Blood AJ, Zatorre RJ, Bermudez P, Evans AC. Emotional responses to pleasant and unpleasant music correlate with activity in paralimbic brain regions. Nat Neurosci 1999; 2:382–387.
  • Blood AJ, Zatorre RJ. Intensely pleasurable responses to music correlate with activity in brain regions implicated in reward and emotion. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2001; 98:11818–11823.
  • Brown S, Martinez MJ, Parsons LM. Passive music listening spontaneously engages limbic and paralimbic systems. NeuroReport 2004; 15:2033–2037.
  • Baumgartner T, Lutz K, Schmidt CF, Jancke L. The emotional power of music: how music enhances the feeling of affective pictures. Brain Res 2006; 1075:151–164.

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