Life Alignment

Life Alignment

Life Alignment is a powerful healing modality that accesses the cellular memory of the body to tap into the body’s own innate intelligence to determine the locations and causes of blockages in the body.  This practical and simple system accesses the body like a computer to identify and energetically correct the causes of imbalance in the body. This assists in restoring an experience of health and well-being.  Today, Life Alignment is a leader in the burgeoning field of Energy Medicine. Rooted in the disciplines of quantum physics, neuroscience, biology and spiritual development, this healing technique is a landmark not only in our understanding of the mind-body connection, but also for the future of truly holistic medicine.



  • The Healing Power of Life Alignment – Philippa Lubbock
  • Life Alignment:  Heal Your Life & Discover Your Soul’s True Purpose – Phillipa Lubbock

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