Gem Tips

Gem Tips

There are thousands of crystal’s, stones, minerals and gemstones all over the world.  You can search by metaphysical properties, color, physical properties. An infinite amount of information. Below is a list and just the beginning of a journey of resources. Beginning with learning and picture book types of books, to in-depth knowledge of how to use gemstones in a healing practice. Some cool phone apps you can download to help identify and learn a variety of information both metaphysical and the properties of gemstones/crystals.

 Did you know that crystals are built from one of seven possible geometric forms?  Begin or expand your journey, fascination for gemstones/crystals explore author Judy Hall books.

  • Gem tips are gemstones encased in a metal, generally silver, gold or platinum and are used on tuning forks. Using gemstone on tuning forks amplifies the frequency of tuning fork and the gemstone and metal is used on the end of the tuning fork. 
  • Aroma Sounds – Dr Christi Bonds-Garrett, M.D – physician – teacher – author AromaSounds is a leading Sound Light and Vibrational healing company and is devoted to Vibrational healing. They offer certification classes where you can learn more about gemstones, tuning forks, vibrational frequencies and spiritual healers. (
  • Acutonics – Sound Healing – The Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine was founded in Seattle WA in 1997 aka Karios Institue of Sound Healing. Acutonics offers certification program high-quality sound tools along with gem stones tips. (

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