Lo Shu Interpretation, Numerology by Prasshant Jituri

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Lo Shu Interpretation, Numerology by Prasshant Jituri

Duration: 45 Minutes

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Lo Shu Square is also known as the Magic Square. Lo shu is a square-shaped design grid that consists of nine numbers from 1 to 9 with three rows and three columns. The total of each row and each column sum up to derive a total of 15. Lo shu is a form of Chinese Numerology which was discovered 4000 years ago. The Lo sho Grid is generally used for the interpretation of the individual birth chart and also can interpret the positive vibrations of the individual house or any place of living. Lo shu Grid Square works as a tool to predict with almost accuracy the important dates of life like marriage prediction, childbirth, property, success, etc. The nine cells of the Lo shu square are called the nine palaces. The number 9 has a powerful symbolism. In Numerology, it symbolizes fulfillment, the end of a cycle before returning to the number 1. The intrinsic patterns of the base chart, together with the way the numbers move about the grid, are believed to offer clues on the characteristics and outcomes of events within the environment.

The 3 rows of the grid represent the three dimensions of one’s personality; the Intellectual dimension, the Spiritual dimension, and the Material dimension. A missing row corresponds to a person whose personality is lacking in the characteristics of that dimension.

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