House Number Compatibility Numerology by Prasshant Jituri

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House Number Compatibility Numerology by Prasshant Jituri

Duration: 30 Minutes

Note: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. On confirmation, after 3 days a separate Zoom Link will be shared to your registered email address.

A google form will be shared with you where some personal information about you will be required, or else through email, the following information can be given, your name and date of birth. Current house number or the new house number where you intend to stay.

The date and time can be fixed for the Zoom call.

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What your house number means – The Energy and Vibration of your Home. Numerology refers to the belief that numbers themselves are intrinsically linked to the world around us and that your designated number shapes who you are. A numerology is also a great tool for making sense of recurring digits. “With numerology, you can use specific pieces of information, such as a home address, to derive details. You really start to see patterns everywhere. Generally, in numerology, your number is decided by your date of birth – in this case, however, they turn to the information in your address. The door number assigned to each residence influences the fate of each individual inhabiting it. Numerology will help you to discover how street addresses affect us and those we know. We are all drawn to our horoscope, life path numbers, and numerological meanings behind our life. As human beings, we seek a positive narrative to help us navigate our past, present, and future through a series of goals and expectations.

Have you ever wondered why living in or visiting certain homes affects us in different ways? Sometimes you think it might be the people or a particular situation, but what if it’s the house number or your star sign affected by your address? You will understand how house numbers work with or against star signs to impact relationships, finances, health, ambitions, goals, and desires of your life or if you are searching for a new place of residence. You can also understand how and where you live affects your current living.

To find out more about your House Number Numerology, register for this consultation with Prasshant Jituri

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