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Vanessa Holzer
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Vanessa Holzer, Synergistic Radiance, Holistic Well-Being Coach Practitioner & Teacher

Synergistic Radiance, Holistic Well-Being Coach Practitioner & Teacher


Chakra Balancing, Healing Touch, Misc./other Energy Therapy
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Vanessa Holzer is from Wandsworth, England, United Kingdom. Vanessa Holzer assists people in bringing balance back to their Mind, Body & Soul. Through a Holistic Approach to Personal Training, Healing, Energy Reading, Transmuting & Channeling, Dancing, Spiritual Advising & Teaching about life.

Vanessa Holzer has 14 years experience in Personal Training, 18 years in Reiki Healing, 3 years in Divine Empowerment Healing and she has been doing Chakra dance for over 5 years. She assists in achieving all fitness goals, a good mindset, injury-free body awareness for all-day activities, in & out of the gym, and posture correction. Incorporating Pilates, metaphysical aspects of health & fitness & nutritional advice. Through HEALING, incorporating Intuitive, Divine Empowerment & Reiki Healing, together with Energy Holding, Energy Reading, Energy Transmuting & Channeling.

She also does SPIRITUAL ADVISING & TEACHING through her own vast life experiences, her innate abilities in knowing how the world works & through Channeling messages - Assisting people to reconnect back to themselves & to bring balance, well-being and peace back into their lives. She also does this through DANCE THERAPY, doing Chakra dance and Free Flow Dancing. Teaching people how to connect to their own energy source to create their free flow of dance - Allowing for transformation in their life, using dance as a medium or support to create opportunities to grow, shift, and evolve, as well as move beyond any old ways or fragmented energy they have been carrying and harboring within them, that no longer serves them. She is inspired to help people gain their fullest potential and live their lives with more peace, clarity, and efficiency.


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England, United Kingdom
Wandsworth, England, United Kingdom
United Kingdom

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Vanessa Holzer, Synergistic Radiance, Holistic Well-Being Coach Practitioner & Teacher 0 reviews

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