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Mukta Rastogi


Access Bars, Hypnosis, Meditation, Metaphor Therapy, Misc./other Energy Therapy, Past Life Regression
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Chakras and aura healing, Past life regression, metaphor therapy, angel card reading, access bars


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Mumbai, Mumbai Metropolitan Region, Mumbai Suburban, Maharashtra, India
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Mukta Rastogi, Therapist and Healer
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B-4, Manju bungalow, 3rd x lane, Lokhandwala complex, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053

Mukta Rastogi 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • Alka

    Had heard a lot of the latest way to heal urself but had no clue… This was the best way to find out so got myself an appointment and there I was. Not knowing what to expect… The minute we were behind closed doors was asked to draw what came to my mind and hallelujah there it began to unroll …. One after the other the issues were there on its own… Nothing said.. Simple meditation n was much lighter felt a bit healed already!! Oh yes these healings work like magic… The whole experience with the much renound healer Mrs (dr) Mukta Rastogi was a super awesome one and would recommend all to try it..

    Felt as if a burden had been taken off my shoulders…..feeling much calmer

  • Jessy

    Another angel, I wish to thank is muktaee who walked into my life as a gush of fresh air. We were and are bonded by sisterhood since birth but she came as a healer in my life in 2016..!! Mukta Rastogi your healing therapy of opening my front chakra made me open for receiving love, as she said, I was a giver but not a receiver. The affirmations made my life shift. I started accepting love and my life scaled to happier heights for the best phase of my life had begun. My next healing session with her made me meet my inner child who I didn’t know existed. Furthermore, the following healing session made me drop my guard and I sent all my past silly unexplainable fears away, that too packed in a big box, which I had personally locked in my healing. Was made to throw the keys away and the box was lifted by heavens above. In return, I was blessed with a “Golden Pen” with the “Golden book” both came superrrrr slow by being dropped from heavens above in slo-mo. I didn’t yet understand the message from my Angels and Universe

  • Kavya

    It all started as a joke when Mukta aunty first brought to my attention that my heart chakra was blocked. I was unaware of the fact and didn’t take it very seriously until a few months later when I realised that it was actually causing hindrances in my life. I then decided to take a session with Mukta aunty and in an hour, among many other things, she gave me affirmations that I diligently followed for the stipulated amount of time. Over this period of time, I began noticing small changes in my attitude towards making my life better and enjoying the process. I’m delighted to say that when Mukta aunty checked my chakras again in the following months, I was told that not just my heart chakra was wide open, the rest of my chakras were also on fire! (In a good way).
    I am eternally grateful to Mukta aunty for doing this for me and urging me to live my best life….

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