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Dawn Smith
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Dawn Smith

Holistic and Empowerment Life Coach


Life Alignment, Misc./other Energy Therapy, Reiki
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Dawn Smith is a Holistic and Empowerment Life Coach. Dawn Smith is set to become a Holistic and Empowerment Life Coach this year helping clients with Depression, Anxiety, and Self Confidence.

She has spent the last two years becoming a qualified NLP Master and Holistic Coach.
She decided to become a Life Coach due to her passion for helping people and loving the *one-on-one support* she can offer to her clients to enable them to live their best lives and become the best ethical version of themselves.

She has worked as part of a team in various Customer Service Roles within different industries. She has worked in the Banking Industry for many years and worked as a cashier to an Independent Financial Advisor for 2 years. She also held the record of having the highest exam pass rate out of anyone else in the institution.

She loved working in the banking industry in many different roles and aspired to be an Independent Financial Advisor and she loved helping people create their financial future. She loved the *one-on-one contact* with her clients and having the ability to search the marketplace for the best suitable products from the best suitable companies in order for them to achieve their financial freedom.

She has been a carer for both her elderly and disabled parents for the last 20 years and also became a qualified Holistic Therapist and Reiki and Seichem practitioner. She has been on a spiritual journey for a few years, she went to college in between looking after her parents and qualified in different holistic therapies which enabled her to give them lovely treatments when they needed them and also the wonderful Reiki and Seichem healing when other treatments could no longer be offered.


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