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Annett Schneider, Worldwide Remote Healer, QHAT Trainer, Reiki Master and Sound Healer

Quantum Energy for Physical and Emotional Pain Relief.


Misc./other Energy Therapy, Reiki, Sound / Frequencies therapy
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Annett Schneider is from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Annett Schneider, B.A. Psych, (par.) C.MHt., is a Quantum healer, pain and health coach, Certified Master hypnotherapist, and Certified life-transformed coach. Using quantum healing for clients and animals sees fast results for pain relief and healing.

Annett Schneider is a Worldwide Remote Healer, QHAT trainer, reiki master, angel communicator sound healer, and best-selling author on Amazon with her book “Shifting Frequencies“ and the author of “Kuthumi Speaks” on how to master thoughts and create your reality with the power of your mind. She teaches QHAT quantum healing activation techniques for physical and emotional pain relief.

She is able to tap into the body Using quantum energy to assist the body to heal itself. She teaches others how to use this powerful healing tool as a practitioner. With over 20 years of experience, she helps people transform their lives, be pain-free, and live their purpose.

She now works with people worldwide using this powerful remote energy healing and sound healing. She has appeared on From Heartache to Joy, New Wealth Revolution, and The Missing Link on Blog talk radio as a guest sharing her story and offering healing live on the shows. Annett uses her gift of voice and toning to activate your power within, clear your chakras, and help the body self-heal. The audios created are designed to relieve stress, balance body and mind and help you remember your true self.

Services: QHAT Quantum Healing Training, Group Transformation Coaching, Private healing sessions, Reiki Level 1, 2 and master classes, ​Retreats & Workshops, Animal communication & Healing,


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British Columbia, Canada
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
British Columbia

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Annett Schneider, Worldwide Remote Healer, QHAT Trainer, Reiki Master and Sound Healer 0 reviews

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