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Ryan Herron

The Healed Meditator


Biofeedback, Body movement therapies, Chakra Balancing, Hypnosis, Meditation, Sound / Frequencies therapy, Visualization & guided imagery
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I used to be sick (bedridden) and learned to heal my body through meditation and energy healing. Here's my full story:

Meditation isn't just sitting for 5 minutes and calming yourself. It can heal your body, change your life, and bring into your reality practically anything you seek. Meditation is now being widely used in hospitals as a form of treatment. It's being used in the military, across many governmental agencies, and in schools. It's even transforming the prison system.

When you start reading the research and practicing the techniques, you will soon learn that we are all given this innate ability to change our lives without pharmaceutical drugs or expensive therapies. All we need to do is sit for a while and focus on something we want or nothing at all. The process is very simple.

My calling is to share everything I know and help others heal. Contact me. I'll send loving healing energy to you, wherever you are in the world. (No fee or cost) If you are looking for healing groups, I'll connect you with those as well.



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Maryville, Blount County, East Tennessee, Tennessee, 37802, United States
Maryville, Tennessee, United States
United States

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