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Olga Chernyavska
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Olga Chernyavska, Anxiety Therapist

Professionals' Anxiety Therapist


Misc./other Energy Therapy
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I specialise working with dedicated processional who are struggling with anxiety and worries.

Together we can explore what is happening for you to understand, process and overcome your anxiety. We'll focus on what you need and how to achieve you feeling better and happier.

I offer a Holistic therapy with a focus on mind-body interconnection. As a holistic therapist, I consider physical health, psychological wellbeing/health (thoughts, feelings emotions), spirituality, environment (relationships, conditions at work and home), upbringing, background, and values.

The focus on the mind-body interconnection can help you on a deeper level. This holistic approach encourages a broader view on a situation. It can enable you to get to the root of the problems, not just symptoms. By doing so, it can facilitate an improvement in your overall wellbeing and prevent ill health. You can experience clarity, so feel more confident to make better decisions and in turn maximise positive outcomes for yourself.

With over a decade of experience in the therapeutic field, I help many clients to address their anxiety. Therapy with me will help you understand the causes of your anxiety, identify your anxiety triggers, and find the best ways for you to cope.

I have an experience in providing:
- Weekly therapy (Counselling or Psychotherapy), where you can focus on yourself and allow time to process what has been learnt.
- Intensive therapy (Counselling or Psychotherapy) is about a faster way to your recovery. This format includes two hours therapy for 6 consecutive days, which equals 12 hours.


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London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Lewisham, London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom

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Counselling and Psychotherapy with Olga
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Online practice.
Counselling and Psychotherapy

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