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we heal for all
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Liz Moyer Benferhat

Collective healing | Healing-centered Coach | Facilitator | Writer


Body movement therapies, Meditation, Visualization & guided imagery, Yoga
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Feeler, healer & longtime change maker

I'm a lifelong change maker and norm shaker in the fields of sustainable development and social change, so I know how much heart goes into caring about this beautiful world.

✔︎ I've facilitated collective healing Circles with hundreds of people from different walks of life since 2018.

✔︎ I created the We Heal For All Circle model, which weaves together science and spirituality, and now teach it to others in my training course.

✔︎ I help people remember their innate ability to heal, and use the science of emotions to back it all up.

✔︎ My guiding question is: what can we take from what we know about individual healing and apply it to the collective?

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The Bronx, New York, United States
Bronx, New York, United States
New York
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