Reiki – The Drugless Therapy (Session in Tamil Language)

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Reiki level 1 is taught for 2 days   (session in Tamil Language)

Reiki level 2 is taught for 2 days. Details about level 3A & B will be given after learning 2 levels

5 hours of class per day.  Total 10 hours of class for 2 days

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Reiki is a form of alternative healing modality developed in 1922 by Japanese Budhist Dr.Mikao Usui.
Reiki is an energy healing therapy to release tension, anxiety, stress and other negative qualities and
restore with positive energy so that the body becomes healthy. At the same time it makes our mind
and emotions healthy and brings us back to a balanced state of being.

Reiki is a Japanese word which means Universal life force energy or cosmic energy or ‘prana’ in
Sanskrit. This energy is abundant in the universe and it is never ending. We utilize this energy
through breathing, food, fruits and vegetables

We fall ill because we get insufficient prana due to improper breathing, pollution, improper diet and
negative thoughts, stress and strain. We can utilize Reiki energy to remain healthy to relax the body,
reduce the effects of stress and promote natural healing. The technique is based on the principle and
belief that the body has an energy force that flows throughout the body. When there is a deficiency of
this energy or any blockage in the flow we fall ill. We can regain our health by harnessing Reiki
energy. One can relieve stress, and live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

Every individual is connected to this energy through a central channel in our body. In a two- day Reiki
programme, through a simple process of attunement, this channel is activated and after activation the
person can utilize this energy to heal himself and others, as and when required.

Reiki can be used only for beneficial purposes. It does not work for evil thoughts.
It is very simple to learn. Anyone can easily understand and practice. Does not need any special skill
or educational qualifications.

Reiki is a complimentary healing.
It is not meant as a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.
I do not diagnose conditions, nor do I interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical

There are a number of factors that should be taken into account for the proper and effective Reiki
attunement or alignment.

The initiating master should have an unbroken lineage in the Reiki system.
The initiating master must have been empowered and trained from a qualified Reiki master.

My Reiki Lineage

Dr.Mikao Usui
Dr.Chujiro Hayashi
Mrs.Hawayo Takata
Mrs.Barbara Webber Ray
Maureen o’ TooleKate Nani
Paula Horan
Mr.P.D.Patel ( First Reiki Grand Master of India)
Mr.Nanak Varlani
Mr.Sujit A Kansara
Saroja Chakrapany

Benefits of Reiki
● Increases energy level
● Relieves anxiety and tension
● Gives mental clarity, a sense of calmness and balance
● Relieves chronic ailments and pain
● Dissolves blocked emotions and feelings
● Aids better sleep
● Strengthen immune system
● Clearing and balancing all chakras
● It not only cures the physical ailment but removes its root cause
● Useful for spiritual progress
● Does not interfere with any medical treatment. Actually, it removes the side effects of the
medicines and enhances the positive effects of the medication.
● Reiki helps in relationships by promoting the qualities of love and compassion
● It is available 24/7. Your hands are your tools. The connection is permanent.
● Can be used on all living and nonliving things
● Will work for positive intentions only.
● Anyone can easily learn. Can be learned at any age.
● No barriers of gender, religion and nationality.
● Both the receiver and the practitioner get benefitted when performing Reiki.

There are three levels / degrees in Reiki, each level is taught separately with a time gap. Again, level
3 is divided as practitioner level, teacher’s level and advanced teacher’s level. For healing purposes
for self or as a Reiki healer / practitioner, learning up to level 2 is enough.
In level 1 attunement the students get permanent connection to reiki and can effectively treat self and
others with touch. That is why it is also called touch healing. The first degree is taught over a two day
period. With Reiki 1 practice the students can look forward to many positive changes as they begin to
heal their own lives on many levels. Those who may wish to develop further can do so by learning
the next degree of Reiki, ideally leaving a minimum of 21 days between 1 & 2 levels

In level 2 distant healing is taught. Three symbols are introduced and the students learn to treat with
intentions and intuition.

Level 3A is a master practitioner level where one master symbol is introduced. 3B is teacher’s level

Topics for Reiki Level 1

Personal attunements for 2 days.
History of Reiki and what it is and how it works
Aura and different layers of Aura
Meditation for strengthening Aura
About energy and how to scan it
Chakras and their effects on our health , chakra meditation to balance them.
Balancing chakras for others
Self healing for chronic & acute ailments.
Treating others
Using Reiki for miscellaneous purposes
Japanese Reiki meditations

Reiki level 1 is taught for 2 days

Topics for Reiki level 2

Introduction of Symbols
Second level Attunement
Self healing
Long form of healing
Short form of healing
Healing for 5 people including self at a time.
Healing with intention
Reiki box
Cleansing, energizing, giving protection to houses, properties, people etc.
Sending Distant healing with a proxy
To find out the imbalances of Chakra in hands.
Time release Reiki
Golden ball meditation & Reiki meditations.

Reiki level 2 is taught for 2 days. Details about level 3A & B will be given after learning 2

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