Quantum Emotional Healing

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Quantum Healing by Rocky Krogfoss

Duration: 60 Minutes

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I help people heal all types of Physical pain and mental health Issues.

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  1. Carol

    Recently I had the opportunity to work with Rocky Krogfoss, QEH. When we first met, I was in a never ending a never-ending place of despair and darkness. I tried everything to pull out of it. Then Rocky began healing sessions with me and I began to learn new ways of seeing things, new wisdom, and about my personal power as a woman. I started letting go of my beliefs about negative entities and dark forces. I then began to believe in myself, and the depression and fears began leaving my body and mind. It felt like a miracle. Lately, I have been focusing on my health and spiritual gifts. Working with Rocky has been a total blessing and now I am reaching out to total freedom as a divine feminine being of light. Trust me, you do not have to suffer anymore. Rocky has amazing gifts.


  2. Michelle

    Rocky is simply amazing! He is an extremely gifted and talented healer. He has the ability to help you release pain, anxiety, fear, and stress that you have been holding onto for years. He has personally helped me release pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. After a healing session with Rocky you feel this lightness that stays with you and you never want it to leave. Rocky is the real deal, he’s truly authentic and works from a place of true love. I would highly recommend having a session with him, he will truly astonish you with his amazing abilities.



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