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QSB Quantum Scalar Box

Seller : Life Energy Solutions

A Tesla-inspired Vibrational Healing and De-Stress Device which is unique to Life Energy Solutions – there is nothing else like it available today. Proven effective, try it for yourself.

Includes: 1 x QSB, 1x Universal Power Supply, Instructions.

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Scalar healing device the QSB

Introducing the Quantum Scalar Box (QSB): A Tesla-Inspired Vibrational Healing and De-Stress Device

Inspired by the pioneering work of Nikola Tesla, the Quantum Scalar Box (QSB) has been developed by David Slinger and is proudly manufactured in New Zealand by Life Energy Designs Ltd. After nine years of meticulous development, the QSB has emerged as a remarkable device for de-stressing and healing at a profound level. It represents a paradigm shift in wellness, taking us to new frontiers of well-being.

So, what exactly is the QSB? Drawing inspiration from Tesla’s work, this life energy and zero-point energy frequency generator comes pre-programmed with solfeggio healing frequencies. Moreover, with the upgrade pack, you can even produce custom frequencies tailored to your specific needs.

While most frequency-based therapeutic devices are exclusively available to practitioners and come with hefty price tags, the QSB offers an affordable option for individuals and groups, surpassing the power and capabilities of many professional-grade devices.

Using the QSB is incredibly simple—just plug it in, and it will initiate the solfeggio frequency cycle. And for those seeking further options, the upgrade pack provides access to a wider range of frequencies.

But what does the QSB actually do? At its core, the QSB is a de-stressing and self-healing device that operates on a cellular level, transcending the mental and emotional realms. It offers genuine, long-term de-stressing, creating an optimal environment for true healing to occur at a causal level.

Many users have reported transformative experiences with the QSB, such as improved sleep, increased energy levels, and a profound sense of calmness. Merrilyn from New Zealand shared her enthusiasm, stating, “By the way, I am loving my QSB, am sleeping better, have more energy, and have a feeling of calmness. Great stuff!”

The QSB package includes the device itself, a universal power supply, and instructions. very reasonably priced, it offers an accessible pathway to enhanced well-being.

Stress is a common burden in our lives, originating from various sources such as work, family, finances, and environmental factors. Among these stressors, Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) pollution has emerged as a significant concern, surpassing other environmental stressors in its impact. With EMF pollution escalating over the past few decades, reaching levels over 100 million times higher in most cities compared to 50 years ago, its adverse effects on our health cannot be ignored.

Additionally, stress carried from early-life traumas and inherited through generations can contribute to declining health. The QSB offers a powerful tool to address and alleviate these stressors, providing a profound sense of relaxation and self-healing.

True healing is a self-directed process, and the QSB acts as a catalyst in this journey. By harnessing energy and frequencies, it stimulates the root causes of dis-ease and allows individuals to unlock their own healing abilities. The QSB’s scalar wave generator emits life-energy waves, vibrating at the fundamental level of existence, to address issues and dis-ease at their very core. The inclusion of solfeggio frequencies, such as the scientifically proven DNA-repairing frequency of 528 Hz, amplifies the healing potential.

As we enter a new era of medicine and wellness, where the understanding of energy and vibration gains prominence, the QSB stands as a trailblazer in this transformative paradigm. Embracing this new model of healing, the QSB provides a holistic approach to complete well-being.

To further enhance its capabilities, the QSB can be connected to a smartphone or tablet through the Upgrade Pack, enabling the use of custom frequencies and sequences. This allows users to experiment and tailor their experience according to their unique requirements. Additionally, the Upgrade Pack grants lifetime membership to a members-only forum, fostering knowledge-sharing and comparison of results among users. It also offers access to future webinars on QSB-related topics and other speakers aligned with the healing journey.

To ensure customer satisfaction, the QSB is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Life Energy Designs Ltd. stands by their product, providing a hassle-free refund for any customer who wishes to return the device.

Users have already expressed their delight with the QSB, sharing positive feedback and transformative experiences. Triona from Auckland shared:

“I’ve been using it (the QSB) every day, and it’s been a very interesting process so far, a lot of stuff coming up, and then today I’m feeling wonderful, am loving it! My friend who has Crohn’s disease is going to come over next week and give it a try.” Audrey from Hawke’s Bay, NZ, also expressed her satisfaction, saying, “Thank you for the very prompt delivery of our QSB!! We have already tried it out – fantastic. Our energy junkie cat soon found us and had to join in too.”

The Quantum Scalar Box is an extraordinary device that harnesses the power of vibrational healing and de-stressing. Inspired by the genius of Nikola Tesla, it brings together cutting-edge technology and ancient healing frequencies to facilitate deep healing and well-being. With its user-friendly design, affordability, and potential for customization, the QSB is a transformative tool for those seeking to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional health. Embrace the QSB and embark on a journey of self-discovery and complete healing.

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