Hypnotherapy for Chakra and Aura Healing by Mukta Rastogi

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Hypnotherapy for Chakra and Aura Healing

This Online session is a One on One session

Duration: 60 minutes to 120 minutes 

Note: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. On confirmation, a zoom Link will be shared to your registered email address.  The date and time can be fixed for the Zoom call.

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It is a doorway to enter into your subconscious mind, to modify behavior, overcome traumas, break free from addictions, rise above your fears and phobias, and learn emotional empowerment techniques (EET).

Chakras and Auras
We have seven energy centers called Chakras that are governed by our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Each chakra is connected to the endocrine system. Chakras and Aura will be checked. Blocked Chakras will be resolved through meditation and personal guidance.

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  1. Sonai Agarwal

    Had it not been for Mukta’s therapy sessions of chakra clearance, | wouldn’t have been able to manage the stress of the past year.

    Her therapy style is very comforting, empathetic and fluid ie she’s open to client’s preferences and differences, and doesn’t force her way around.

    This in itself is a huge quality for a therapist to have as it inculcates great deal of self acceptance in a client.

    Her journeys of Inner child healing, integrative work with past timelines and focus on self love and self care was also very helpful.

    What | loved was her follow up after each session to remind due sessions. That’s a marking of a great therapist who doesn’t forget about her clients and keeps them in loop.

    Very thankful for your contribution in my growth of life.
    Big love

    Sonai Agarwal


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